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Stonebridge financial group is:

  • Independent of all service providers.
  • Able to deal with virtually any service provider available to your company.
  • Capable of servicing your current retirement plan programs if you want to retain your product provider but replace your current broker with our specialized services.

Stonebridge Financial Group works exclusively for our clients. Many of our clients find they can upgrade the performance of their plan, without the trouble of changing providers. They simply add our specialized services to improve investments, assist employees and manage fiduciary risks.

Others find they have outgrown their current provider. When that happens, we will conduct a comprehensive market search using powerful technology, and then apply our decades of experience to assure the right fit for you. After narrowing the field, we coordinate presentations from the best available. Having us on your side makes the search process much easier, as we make sure you get the straight story about the limitations of potential providers as well as their strengths.

You can engage STONEBRIDGE FINANCIAL GROUP in three ways:

1. Pay us a fee - As investment advisory representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network, an SEC registered investment advisor, we can work on a fee for service basis.

2. Replace your current broker - Often the compensation already imbedded in your 401(k) investments is sufficient to pay for our services with no increase in costs to you. Some plan sponsors are not aware that commissions are being paid to a broker or agent because they are receiving little to no service in return.

3. Change 401(k) providers, and appoint us as your representative in the process.